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Dear Covid 19

Dear COVID-19,


I was in the third trimester, week 36 of my first pregnancy, when the Singapore government suddenly announced a partial lockdown.


Everything was ruined. I wanted my confinement to be quiet and with time and space to recover. Instead, all my post-natal massages, which were to help me relax and revitalise my body, had to be cancelled as they were deemed non-essential. The newborn baby photo package which I’d purchased couldn’t be used either. These are moments I can never get back. My baby will never be a newborn again and I can’t turn back time.

During this difficult period, husbands are not allowed in the delivery suite if we are doing a C-section delivery.

Delivering the baby was also another challenge, there was always the fear that an emergency C-section may be needed. During this difficult period, husbands are not allowed in the delivery suite if we are doing a C-section delivery. No visitors were allowed during our stay, though I see this as a blessing in disguise. It was nice to have some quality solo time to recover in the hospital without people visiting every hour. It was one of the good things about this circuit breaker.


My husband is working from home now, so this has been a really nice change of pace for us. It was definitely nice to have him around during the last month of my pregnancy. Even though he was working, his presence made me feel safe. Having him around during my confinement also made me feel a lot less stress and depressed. At least the 3 of us are in this together. We wouldn’t have had this precious time together if not for the circuit breaker.


It is still a tough pill to swallow knowing that my grandmother is still waiting to see her first great-grandson. We video call daily to keep her updated but she is missing out on so much of his first month. Precious moments like these can’t be relived but we make do with what we have.


COVID-19, you have given me quality time with my loved ones, but you have also taken away precious moments that I can’t get back. You made me realise how much we take our freedom for granted and made me cherish what I currently have. Even so, please go away soon. I miss social interaction with my friends and simply just going for a coffee run.

You will definitely not be missed but remembered.


10 May 2020